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"Complete" Leadership Development System

Welcome to an easy-to-use, time and cost-effective way to develop and improve leadership skills ... The Supervisor's Toolbox is a robust leadership training system designed for managers, team leaders, current and future supervisors.

At the heart of the system is an integrated set of core leadership courses, or skill topics, that present the key management behaviors, interpersonal skills and the essential techniques necessary to lead employees successfully in today's business environment. Our unique learn + do blended learning approach is guaranteed to rapidly develop and strengthen leadership skills and help generate exceptional employee performance results!


A Number One 'People' Issue Today !

Several studies have shown that a leading cause of employee unrest and dissatisfaction is not due to poor compensation or lack of challenging work, but poor management practices by the people who lead them. Consider these findings ...

  • Saratoga Institute study found that at least 50% of employee job satisfaction is determined by the relationship a worker has with his/her boss.

  • Another study reported, "After 20 years of research and 60,000 exit interviews, 80% of all employee turnover can be related to unsatisfactory relationships with the boss." Clearly people don't quit their company as much as they quit their boss!

  • Gallup Organization, in a long-term study of over a million employees in a broad range of companies, industries and countries, concluded that the length of an employees stay with their organization and how productive they are while they are there, is determined by their relationship with their immediate supervisor.

  • The Human Resource Institute asked 312 companies to rate the most pressing people issues faced in their company today. Leadership was the most critical issue to be addressed, with over 70% of the companies saying it is extremely important!

The good news is that when leadership practices improve, people stay put and produce even more, saving organizations millions of dollars each year!


Continuous Bottom Line Improvement !

The potential financial impact from leadership development is clear!

"In order to create the highest levels of employee and customer involvement, to increase the retention of the best employees, to improve profitability, and to reduce costs, the single best capital improvement strategy is to Build Better Leaders!"

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"Although leadership is required at every level of an organization, nowhere is the need more critical than amongst
first line supervisors."

The Supervisory Leadership Institute