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Especially the way coaching has been built into the development approach. The program helps the participant establish a continuing development relationship which is a truly unique way to implement behavioral coaching "

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"Great graphics, well written. Program is completely thought out and thought through. DON'T change a thing!"

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Essential Leadership Skills For Today's Supervisors !

What's inside . . . ?

"Ten essential leadership skill building courses integrated into incredible on-line learning system!"

Each complete training course in the Supervisor's Toolbox has been carefully designed to teach you how to correctly perform the most widely used leadership skills. You'll learn the fundamentals of employee performance management starting with how to select new employees through final separation techniques - and everything in between!

"Hundreds of specific learning tools."

Inside each Skill Course in the Toolbox you'll find a wide variety of Learning Tools to help you master and apply each leadership skill, including all the pre-plThe Supervisor's Toolboxanning steps and materials that will carefully help you get started off in the right direction. These learning tools are the result of over 25 years of real world experience creating effective supervisors, team leaders and supervisory practices.

The Toolbox contains over 350 reusable forms, skill steps, behavioral examples, pre/post tests, quiz's and exams, skill building plans, and practical business tools - all logically arranged to help you achieve the leadership skill you desire.

"A simple and easy to use learning system."

The unique learn it + do it study approach will rapidly develop and strengthen your leadership performance so you can quickly improve employee results!

The Supervisor's Toolbox provides fast online access to each of the leadership skills you need to succeed. The Toolbox is instantly available as you meet your day-to-day leadership responsibilities - whenever and wherever you need it. Whether you're on-the-job or away from the office, the simplified navigation design lets you reach in and grab anything you need from the toolbox - within only 3-clicks!


Managing Learning Skill Group 1

"Managing The Employee Learning Curve"

You've seen " it " happen to new employees. Optimistic new hires that turn sour and disgruntled over time ... and eventually leave the Company. High turnover / low retention can sap the vitality of your organization and quickly eat up your time, resources and performance results. Why?

In our research we've discovered that there are over fifty different ways to mismanage the selection, orientation, training and development of your employees!

But successful employee leadership doesn't have to be a difficult task if you master a few core supervisory leadership skills during your new employees delicate Learning Curve.

The first section of The Supervisor's Toolbox helps you achieve the staffing, training and development results you need in a professional and effective manner.

You'll begin your personal skill development with five essential courses (shown below) that clearly explain and carefully walk you through how to select quality personnel and then mold them into positive and highly productive team contributors.

Course 1 - "Leadership Fundamentals"

Supervisory leadership means helping each employee succeed at their jobs. You do this by teaching, motivating, correcting, inspiring, coaching and improving the work of your individual employees. In addition, the supervisor must create a healthy and positive work ‘culture’ based on trust, active participation, involvement, commitment, collaboration and innovation. This Toolbox SkillTopic provides the supervisor with Fundamental leadership principles and skills designed to help them gain improved interpersonal results and achieve ultimate success.

Course 2 - "How To Select Quality Employees "

Each new team member you hire represents a significant economic investment in the future productivity of your department and your organization. And as you already know, you will continue to feel the impact of your hiring decisions for a long time afterward. Learn a better, more accurate, way to hire.

Course 3 - "How To Establish Clear Objectives"

When employees are unclear about what acceptable performance looks like, they tend to fill in the blanks with their own perceived standards. Failure to carefully establish clear cut objectives and performance standards with an employee will almost always result in confusion, lost production, and a drift away from the business results you desire. Learn the techniques to set clear and motivating expectations.

Course 4 - "How To Develop Employee Job Skills"

Each job reporting to you typically consists of three types of job tasks, and each task consists of specific steps that can be broken down, and then taught. Poor employee performance results can often be traced directly back to poor execution of this critical skill by the supervisor. Learn the best way to develop employee talent.

Course 5 - "How To Conduct Meaningful Reviews"

One of the best ways to make sure employee performance doesn't deteriorate over time, is to plan and hold a series of regular progress reviews between traditional annual reviews. This Skill Topic is especially critical to use with new employees who are still learning the basics of their position. Learn how to build and shape employee performance.


Managing PerformanceSkill Group 2

"Managing The Employee Performance Curve"

Employee job performance and job behavior are constantly changing. This second learning series in The Supervisor's Toolbox is a fascinating group of five Skill Topics designed to help the supervisor maintain optimum performance and positive job behavior of each individual team member over a period of months and years. The five courses in this group (shown below) provide you with a performance management system plus all of the skills, tools, coaching and counseling techniques you'll need to successfully address nearly any performance or behavior issue you encounter.

Course 6 - "How To Provide Motivating Recognition"

Think of employee recognition as fuel for your car. If you don't fill your tank regularly, then sooner or later you're going to run out of gas. Just as your car won't run without fuel, your employees will not perform at their best, without recognition. You'll never run out of motivation once you master this leadership skill.

Course 7 - "How To Coach For Maximum Job Performance"

Effective management of employee performance starts with an examination of your own beliefs and attitudes about employee motivation and responsibility. When an employee's performance falters, and it almost certainly will from time to time,
you must be able to get it back on track. Learn the best methods to keep employee performance at peak levels.

Course 8 - "How To Create Positive Employee Behaviors"

Sometimes it's difficult to distinguish between job performance and employee job behavior. While the techniques for correcting an employee performance deficiency may solve a productivity or quality problem, the techniques used to deal with workplace behavioral problems such as excessive absenteeism, tardiness and counterproductive behavior are quite different. You'll learn how to permanently correct troublesome problems when you apply this skill effectively.

Course 9 - "How To Provide Guidance & Take Corrective Action"

There are a number of negative connotations with the word 'discipline' but the root meaning of the word discipline actually means "to teach". Regardless of the time and energy you spend coaching, counseling and leading employees, you will occasionally encounter some individuals who will have greater personal difficulty controlling their performance and/or their job behavior. These individuals have a greater need for your leadership skills and will require a more structured approach to help them overcome their own obstacles to their success - once and for all. Learn how to help a troubled employee achieve ultimate career success.

Course 10 - "How To Safely End The Employment Relationship"

Any experienced supervisor or manager will eventually encounter an employee who has chosen not to meet their commitment to improve performance, or to correct a severe job behavior. In these cases, since there is no longer a basis for a viable work relationship, you must be prepared to terminate the employment arrangement and thereby retain your credibility and business standards. Learn to use an effective, humane and legally defensible termination process.


Our 'Blended' Learning Approach Helps You Apply Your Skills

Research into adult learning has shown that adults only retain about 10-20% of what they simply read and see - but a whopping 70-80% of what they actually experience firsthand and discuss with others! This finding has major implications for how you go about building your leadership skills . . .

Knowing + Doing = Skill

In addition to the online education you'll find in The Supervisor's Toolbox, we've also created planned opportunities for you to learn from your successes and your mistakes as you use your skills with others. Once you complete the online learning portion of a skill topic we will carefully Employee Performanceguide you in how to gain real-time experience through specific on-the-job exercises using real world skills practices and skill applications. These practices and real-time skill applications include observations by your helpful onsite Learning Coach ©, followed by specific feedback, discussion, and expanded opportunities to practice and improve.

Progress Tracking Tools

We also provide you with a complete tracking process and tools to record and report your ongoing learning progress to others. Progress tracking helps you record each skill-building activity you complete, including each of your practice and feedback sessions, test results, learning accomplishments and future improvement objectives. We even provide you with a handsome certificate of completion to document your learning accomplishments!




























"I found it really easy to read and understand. ... When you have a specific problem, just open the toolbox for helpful information. The guidance and expertise has helped me through some really tough times"

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"I really like the simplicity of presentation and the number of topics that I can access anytime."

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